Interview with KNOXX’s Anthony “Rumble” Johnson before his fight on July 19th on Spike TV

If you’ve seen Anthony Johnson fight you know three things to be true: A) he’s a big 170, B) he’s got


a never die attitude, C)if you get in the way of one of his bombs, you’ll need smelling salts and a soothing voice to come back.

Johnson (5-1) will take on BJJ submission artist Kevin Burns (7-1) at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas on July 19 (Spike TV 9pm ET / 6pm PT), and if he has his druthers, he’ll stand and bang with the Iowan and let the chips fall where they may. But the 24-year-old Johnson isn’t naïve. He anticipates just the opposite from the Tae Kwon Do black belt, Burns.
Johnson says he’d love to be one of the most prolific fighters of all time, and to not only knock Georges St-Pierre off the top of the hill at 170 but “to go after 185 and beat everybody up at there, and, if Dana [White] ever allows it to happen, I’ll be the first to hold two different belts at the same time.”

He also says he has a good 20 years left in him, health permitting, to take over the entire world of MMA. “I’m trying to be like Randy Couture one day, better than Randy Couture . . . I want to be able to be 45 years old and kicking people’s asses up and down the cage. Hopefully I’m at that caliber of a fighter by the time I get that age and have the respect of people and the respect of the sport.”

Check out his recent interview before his fight on July 19th on Spike TV !


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