Congrats to Georges St-Pierre on retaining his belt.

Georges St-Pierre came to fight on Saturday night to prove that the welterweight championship belt really belonged to him. The fight against Jon Fitch on Saturday was a great fight with GSP leading the score cards in every round. Jon Fitch didn’t give up even after being knocked down numerous times but he still continued to try his best in trying to knock out GSP.

Georges St-Pierre is currently a huge fan favorite among the fans of mixed martial arts. Not only is he a great fighter but like many traditional martial artist, he is very respectful and noble fighter and seldom cocky or arrogant thus the huge fanbase he’s gained as a mma fighter.

After beating Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch, both from American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA. , I think its going to be tough for any contender to try to take away GSP’s title belt anytime soon.

Even though we knew this would one of the toughest fight for Fitch, KNOXX was there to cheer him on and support him towards his path for the welterweight championship title. Being that KNOXX is based out of the Bay Area, CA .. We always have showed love for all the fighters from our hometown!! That’s how the Bay Area does it…Bay Area Pride!

Being that this is Jon Fitch’s first lost in the past 5 years proves that he is great fighter and we know he will bounce back easily to regain his winning ways. Keep up the great work Jon Fitch and we know you will have that championship title belt one day!


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