KNOXX and KNOXX’s Anthony “Rumble” Johnson goes to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Southern CA

This past Saturday, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium held a live MMA fight event called Fight For Kidz to help raise money to benefit Shriners Children’s Hospital.

KNOXX brought Anthony “Rumble” Johnson on a road trip to visit the Shriners Childrens Hospital to visit the kids before going to watch the fights. We were there to spend some time with the kids and also give away some free KNOXX items. The kids and the parents were delighted to have special guests come visit them and also mentioned that it was one of the more exciting days they had in a long while.

KNOXX and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson would like to thank Shriners for allowing us to be part of this event. We enjoyed the visit to the hospital and also saw some great fights at the Santa Monica Auditorium.

There were other fighters present to watch the fight at the Santa Monica Auditorium such as Rampage Jackson, Josh Koscheck and Travis Johnson

More pictures can be seen at


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