KNOXX teams up with Knock Out Dog Fighting to stop the abuse!

Proceeds of the sales from these shirts will go toward Knock Out Dog Fighting to help support this worthy cause!

Sportswear Company Teams Up With For Pits’ Sake to KNOXX Out Dog Fighting

KNOXX Gear designs new clothing line to help KNOXX Out Dog Fighting

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, October 3, 2008 – For Pits’ Sake, Inc., a 501(c)3 non profit organization, and KNOXX Gear today announced that they are teaming up to KNOXX Out Dog Fighting.

KNOXX Gear is a popular casual and sports apparel company that truly captures the urban culture lifestyle. KNOXX Gear caters to the Mixed Martial Arts, fitness, skateboarding and hip-hop industries. “KNOXX is not only a brand it has also been a catalyst for a world-wide movement to open minds,” said a spokesperson for KNOXX Gear. “Dog fighting is a form of animal cruelty and we are proud to be involved in this anti-dogfighting campaign by creating a line of clothing that serves a specific purpose…stopping abuse.”

The award-winning “Knock Out Dog Fighting” program is an unprecedented awareness and educational campaign, designed by For Pits’ Sake, Inc. founder Kris Crawford, to combat the cruel and inhumane activity of dog fighting. “When it’s not on the front page of the news, people often forget about the dogs that are forced into a life of violence and suffering. These dogs have no voice to cry out for help,” said Crawford. “I am thrilled about this partnership with KNOXX Gear because it will help us in our continued mission to stop the abuse and to give these dog’s a voice.

The members of “Knock Out Dog Fighting” produce Public Service Announcements (PSAs), visit schools, children’s groups and youth in juvenile detention centers with the message that dog fighting is not “cool” nor is it a symbol of strength, power or greatness. The goal of this anti-dogfighting campaign is to shed more light on the prevalence of dog fighting, its overall effect on the community and to “Knock Out” the social acceptance of the barbaric activity.

The KNOXX Out Dog Fighting shirts are available on both the Knock Out Dog Fighting ( and KNOXX Gear ( )web sites with proceeds from the sale of the shirts going to “Knock Out Dog Fighting”.For more information about the Knock Out Dog Fighting program, go to

About For Pits Sake, Inc. (
For over a decade, For Pits’ Sake, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has been a leader in the community for both human and animal rescue efforts, safety programs for children, and humane education. As world-famous search and rescue dogs, the For Pits’ Sake pit bulls responded to over 200 search missions including high profile cases such as the search for Laci Peterson and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. These pit bulls – Cheyenne, Dakota & Tahoe – are also trained therapy dogs that work with mentally challenged, disabled and battered and abused children. Because of the success they’ve had with their programs and activities, Crawford and her pit bulls have been featured in news articles, books, magazines and on Animal Planet, National Geographic, The History Channel and A & E. They have received numerous awards, including a Jefferson Award, the American Red Cross Real Hero Award, a Certificate of Appreciation from the FBI, Letters of Appreciation from Senators and Assembly Members, and a letter from the Governor of CA stating they “demonstrate the true strength of California and represent the best of the Golden State”.

About KNOXX (

KNOXX is a lifestyle brand that sponsors the human race. We listen, feel, and watch the flux of our surroundings which strikes novel thunder into the creation of our designs. This attention allows sub, popular, and counter cultures, to embrace the uniqueness and versatility that reside within. KNOXX is the reflection that moves people to grow in any direction that the minds eye envisions. KNOXX is not only a brand it is the catalyst for a world-wide movement to open minds


3 thoughts on “KNOXX teams up with Knock Out Dog Fighting to stop the abuse!

  1. Seibo says:

    I really like what you guys are doing here, kudos to you and your team. I think the best way to reach out to the people who raise dogs to fight or who love to watch dog fights is to have MMA fighters themselves preaching how wrong it is. Like all the fighters said, this is the worst way to treat man’s best friend.

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