KNOXX sponsored athletes give presentations at Santa Clara County Juvenile Detention Center.


On Friday November 14, 2008, several members of Knock out Dog Fighting went to the Santa Clara County Juvenile Detention Center to give our presentation to at-risk youth. Our presenters were founder of the program and dog handler Kris Crawford, breakdancer Teck Liew, KNOXX MMA Fighters Paul “The Head Hunter” Buentello, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Josh “The Punk” Thomson, and KNOXX sponsored NPC Miss California Overall Figure Champion Mona Liza Reyes. Kris is the recipient of a Jefferson Award for the many different programs she has developed for the community (provided all at no cost to the public) so San Francisco television station CBS5 was in attendance to film the presentation.


Our presentation is, quite simply, about drive, discipline and choices. The members of Knock Out Dog Fighting are elite athletes and role models who are experts in their field that are giving back to the community by helping at-risk youth make better choices, develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles – which reduces the potential of involvement in at-risk activities…like dog fighting. The basic premise behind each of the segments in our presentation is self-motivation, self-discipline, choices, and what it takes to be a champion.


Youth is a time of making mistakes and learning to overcome them. Change is not easy. It is often a process of one step forward and two steps back. Teck, Paul, Anthony, Josh and Mona Liza have a unique gift that enables them to inspire these young adults to look deep down within themselves and ask, “What is it, in my heart, that I really want to be?”

Knock Out Dog Fighting is helping young adults tap into their talents and learn new skills so they will join us in protecting animals and also find the meaningful life they were meant to live.

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