KNOXX’s weekend to Los Angeles for UFC 104

7827_192654400897_653030897_3907586_2677634_n copy Landed at the LAX airport

7129_192756335897_653030897_3908991_6830864_n copy The hotel we stayed in that weekend.

7129_192871680897_653030897_3910178_4159328_n copyJosh “The Punk” Thomson deciding what he wants for dinner.

7827_192872835897_653030897_3910248_4763521_n copy Cung Le is always talking business….even at dinner time.

11836_1051591226669_1732429994_106684_240663_n copyPost weigh in dinner

7129_192817755897_653030897_3909737_5037892_n copy This is where it all goes down!! Staple Center in Los Angeles for UFC 104 !

8126_1095957133807_1672970656_200265_7601863_n copy

Johnson vs Yoshida  UFC 104 weigh ins

7129_193476770897_653030897_3916603_1203481_n copy Johnson at his hotel room the day of his fight.

7827_193516940897_653030897_3916787_4078413_n copy Having some Japanese food a few hours right before he takes on Yoshida!



IMG_2147 copy


IMG_2148 copy

10842_159908339371_79385934371_2712396_3280807_n copy
Johnson is ready to bang!!


IMG_2149 copy


IMG_2163 copy


IMG_2165 copy

Machida holds the championship belt

10332_104041299610434_100000136941670_111802_7670548_n Post fight picture with Dana White

10332_104041299610434_100000136941670_111802_7670548_n copyPost Victory interviews

10332_104041302943767_100000136941670_111803_6550013_n copy Let’s finish up with these interviews so Johnson can PARTY!!

IMG_2166fix copy

KNOXX spokes model, Alexia Lei, was go-go dancing that night


IMG_2170 copy


IMG_2173 copy


IMG_2181 copy

Los Angeles Lakers center, DJ Mbenga


IMG_2195 copy

KNOXX Family: Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Alexia Lei


IMG_2182 copy

Congrats to Anthony “Rumble” Johnson for his 46 sec KNOXX OUT!

IMG_2183 copy


IMG_2184 copy

10726_193788505897_653030897_3920237_5179703_n copyAlexia Lei taking a break from dancing.

10435_193803000897_653030897_3920291_683249_n copy Mr. KNOXX OUT ARTIST


IMG_2193 copy


IMG_2194 copy

Johnson celebrating with his agent, The Pav


IMG_2196 copy

IMG_2200 copy


IMG_2202 copy

IMG_2206 copy Too Short was in the house!

IMG_2203 copy Models and go-go dancers, Angelica Carrera and Alexia Lei

IMG_2204 copy

IMG_2205 copyOur late night meals after the parties

9234_193832215897_653030897_3920399_8217842_n copy Who says beautiful women dont know how to pump gas?

9234_194490630897_653030897_3930373_5287188_n copy Back at San Francisco airport waiting for the shuttle to take us back to our cars.

If you missed Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s fight you can check it out here

Rumble True KNOCK OUT Artist ! FOUR knockout highlight reels in the UFC!!


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