Oskar Wennberg x Madison x KNOXX Lifestyle

My man Ante from Swedun Distribution in Stockholm asked me to design a deck for their pro rider Oskar. The concept behind the graphic was to bridge the gap from San Francisco to Stockholm or Stockholm to Frisco. I used the Stockholm skyline and the Frisco skyline as the texture inside Oskar’s name with the “K” acting as the bridge to the two cities. It was perfect how it all worked out cause I didn’t know he had a “K” in his name. I’m used to seeing Oscar with a “C” instead of a “K”… I also used the transit system from Stockholm & Frisco as a background element throughout the whole deck. So here’s a little somethin’ for the streets.

-AL Freshko

Madison Skateboards
Nike SB (flow)
KNOXX Lifestyle
ACE Truck Mfg
Fillmore Wheels
Diamond Supply Co.


Madison x Knoxx 8″ Oskar Wennberg board, ACE 33 Red’s, 51mm Fillmore Wheels


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