Anthony Johnson, Mona Liza Reyes and Jose Palacios Join Community Leaders For National Crime Victims Rights Awareness

Each April, since 1981, the Federal Office of Victims of Crime (OVC),a Division of the Department of Justice, leads an annual observance of National Crime Victims Rights Week by promoting victims’ rights, honoring crime victims and those who serve and advocate on their behalf.

The theme for this 26th year of observance is “Crime Victims’ Rights: Fairness. Dignity. Respect.” The theme reminds us of the great strides we have made in giving victims a voice and the progress made in making sure that victims get fairness, dignity and respect.

The OVC will launch National Crime Victims Rights Week in Washington, D.C. with it’s annual National Candlelight Observance Ceremony on April 15, 2010. On April 20, 2010, from 11:00am to 2:00pm, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office will be honoring crime victims and the organizations who support and advocate on their behalf at an event being held at the County Government Center in San Jose, California.

Because of Knock Out Dog Fighting’s tireless work at stopping cruelty and abuse, our advocacy work and support of victims of violent crime, we have been asked to be a part of this celebration to discuss our successful programs that address at-risk youth, domestic violence and animal abuse.

Knock Out Dog Fighting members that will be in attendance are Kris Crawford & her pit bull Tahoe, UFC Welterweight Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, NPC Figure Champion Mona Liza “MO” Reyes, and Kickboxing Champion Jose “La Bamba” Palacios.


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