First UFC GYM in Rosemead in Southern California

The UFC Gym opened it’s second location to the public last Thursday and it definitely was worth the anticipation. The huge 46,000 sq ft. facility offers a wide assortment of training ranging from jiu-jitsu, muay thai, pilates, yoga, cardio kick boxing, strength training, suspension training, private MMA training, and many other group type exercises.

The gym itself features some of the hottest and newest fitness machines and products to hit the market such as a full size octagon, numerous punching bags, rope training equipment and other various top of the line machines. It also offers spacious locker rooms complete with a dry sauna and a cafe/bar inside the club for refreshments.

UFC gym is the next fitness craze to hit the fitness markets and is only going to expand as individuals look to enhance and take their training to the next levels. The UFC gym has also integrated the top MMA training in the industry mixed in with the core principles of the national academy of sports and medicine to offer its clients innovative training concepts. For more information on the gym please visit


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