Recording artists,The P Jayz’s radio appearance with Kevy Kev on 90.1 FM The Drum

The P Jayz with Kevy Kev

J3 in KNOXX “Hated On All Day” tee

Paloma says Wassup

PJAYZ are a collective group of three bay area talents who write and perform a blended style of hip hop, pop, and dance. They formed in 2009 when Jay 3 (rapper) and Paloma (vocalist) linked up with Producer/mixing engineer, Dublin. Together, they write and produce all their own music in-house, and collaborate their unique styles to create an original sound that makes them Pjayz.

Dublin is the producer of Pjayz. In his early years as a aspiring producer, Dublin interned for Narada Micheal Walden (Super Producer) right after graduating from Expression’s College with a BA in Applied Science in Sound Arts. During this internship he was picked up by a LA based indie label, Ball’r Records. Following that, he’s worked with artists such as Crazy Bone (Bone Thugs in Harmony), Jagged Edge, Daz Dillinger (Death Row), Xzibit, Keisha Cole, and The Bayliens. Now, as a band member of PJAYZ, Dublin utilizes his yrs of production experience into making what you hear musically for Pjayz.

Paloma, is the vocalist of PJAYZ. She brings to the group that urban pop energy. Her previous Spanish pop group, Paloma and the Rubys, were showcased at some of the hottest night clubs in the Bay Area. Her talents eventually garnered her major radio exposure, notably 102.5 KDON. Paloma’s vocals were chosen as the voice to demo a program called, Antares a vocal harmony software used by producers around the world. Paloma’s influences include Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, and Gwen Stefani.

Jay 3, is the rapper of Pjayz. His sound developed from his native bay area/down south upbringing. Jay 3 likes to tap into a little “old school” by keeping the message uplifting, using metaphors and witty wordplay. Growing up, Jay was inspired by musicians like Michael Jackson to Madonna, Cyndi Lauper , Chaka Khan etc. Convinced he wanted to pursue music as his profession, Jay drew influence from artist such as Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Outkast, Eminem, Tribe Called Quest and 2 Pac. Constantly expanding his musical taste, Jay 3 began to experiment with high energy music, dub step, rock, r&b to underground hip hop. In late 2006, Jay 3 and Dublin began working on an official album with his previous group, The Bayliens. They recorded a single titled “Bubblegum”, which sparked a lot of media attention. Clear Channel highlighted the single, which led to it becoming a bay area anthem on top 40 station, Wild 94.9. This eventually led to club appearances, industry parties, tours and endorsements. Sharing the stage with some of today’s biggest acts such as, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Ray J, and Sean Kingston. Under the guidance of a newly aquired management, Jay 3 looks forward to pursuing his passion for music along with his band, Pjayz.

The Pjayz may be a new group, but everyone who joined has been in the game for a good portion of their life, and this seemed to be the best fit for all their talents to shine. With the help of Robert Hayes and Sound Management, Pjayz look forward to establishing themselves amongst today’s hottest acts.


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