TONIGHT– The Malibu Music Awards

The Malibu Music Awards was created to honor music artists, composers, songwriters, lyricists and those who are connected to the music industry. The MMA honors the achievements of successful entertainers, songwriters, publishers and others who contribute positively to the music industry and community at large. 

In addition to honoring national and international music artists, the MMA also recognizes new and emerging musical talent and supports musical education in schools. We honor the Malibu Music Educator of The Year as well as recognizing outstanding student musicians.

The proceeds from the Malibu Music Awards will go directly to charities involved with music. The Malibu Symphony Association ( and Our Conservatory (   are the two 501c3 non-profit charity organizations that will benefit from the 2010 Malibu Music Awards. Charities such as Our Conservatory that holds a focus on helping children through music are exactly what this music event is all about. We are close to this goal but cannot do it without our local support.


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