UFC fighter, Chris Cariaso’s newest gym, Rise Combat Sports, in Tucson, AZ.

Rise Combat Sports started with a passion for becoming the best. They are about overcoming life’s obstacles and rising to the occasion. They believe that they have the tools to help their students achieve any fitness goals that they have. If you are looking for a new, exciting, and safe way to get in shape-you will love their program. If you want to be the next top fighter- you have also come to the right place!

Their head trainer is current UFC fighter, Chris Cariaso. Chris has been a martial artist since a very young age and has taught since he was 16 years old. Chris has trained under many world champions and has learned from the best. He has fought in every top promotion known to MMA: Strike Force, Elite XC, WEC, and the UFC. Chris has taught all levels and all ages and knows how to tailor the programs to the needs of the practitioner. Chris owns a popular gym in San Francisco (www.fightandfitness.com) and has recently moved to Tucson to open another great facility.

Rise Combat Sports
7131 E Tanque Verde Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85715
(520) 298-7116


Currently fighting for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Veteran of WEC, Strikeforce, Elite XC
Professional MMA record of 13-3
Trains under World Champion, Neungsiam Samphusri
Jiu jitsu Brown Belt under Crispim BJJ (Alexander De Almeida)
Owner of Fight and Fitness Gym in SF Bay Area

Current and Former Titles

2005 San Francisco Golden Gloves Champion
National Muay Thai Promotion, U.S.A. Champion
IKF U.S.A. San Shou Champion
ISKA California Super-Lightweight Muay Thai Champion
ISCF MMA World Bantamweight Champion
WCSC MMA World Featherweight Champion

Teaches: Chris currently teaches Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and is available for private instruction.

Chris has been training since age 12 and has been teaching since age 16. Chris is skilled in teaching all ages and all levels of experience. This is the second gym that Chris has opened and brings to Tucson all that he has learned in owning his San Francisco gym for the past 8 years.


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