KNOXX Martial Arts and Fitness 1 year Anniversary/ Easter celebrations

Good times today at the 1 yr anniversay/Easter Party of KNOXX Martial Arts And Fitness in San Jose…. Looks like all the adults pigged out and kids had lots of fun with all the kids activites. Thanks to all those that showed up

Our ‪Easter Egg Hunt‬ went great and I’d say the kids came up a little in the ‪#College Fund‬ department. Haha We had a great weekend with our ‪‎Knoxx Gym‬ ‪‎Members‬ this past weekend. I want to thank everyone who helped set up, brought tables, Chairs, Slushy machine, etc. Knoxx and Josh Thomson couldn’t of done it without you all this past year. Thank you for supporting Knoxx Gym and what we are trying to accomplish with our ‪Knoxx Members‬ ‪ Thank you all for pushing us into a new year.


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