Jiu Jitsu Spotlight with Derrick Easterling

1. How did you get started in BJJ?
Back in 2004 I was in a rehab group home and one of the staff members trained Bjj. One day he came to work had his Gracie Jiu Jitsu track jacket on. And ignorant as any civilian that doesn’t train, I asked him if he did that Jiu Jitsu shit? That UFC right? Lol. And from that moment I’ve been intrigued and spent the rest of my time at the rehab picking his brain about the history of Jiu Jitsu, techniques, the discipline, and will it help keep me out of trouble when I get back into the real world. It was September 2005 I was released to go back home. My mom found a gym by our house, she brought me there and I signed up that day and started training.

2. What is your current rank and who gave it to you? I’m a black belt. Received it from professor Sergio Silva
Where do you currently train at now? Currently train at Performance Fitness and MMA in Albany CA.

3. Is there a person you would like to roll with if you were given the opportunity? Helio Gracie, Rickson Gracie, and Marcelo Garcia.

4. Do you compete in BJJ? Not as much.

5. How did you do in all your tournaments?
I did well as far as the local circuit goes but the international scene like the ibjjf is another beast. Accomplishments?
Grapplers Quest, Naga, U.S. Open, Americas Cup

6. What do you do for a living?
A father of two really cool daughters, and I work at the Hilton as a house person “not a room cleaner” I deliver the good laughs to the guest. Lol. , a full time martial artist and striving to make MMA my main source of income.

7. What do you enjoy doing other than BJJ? Hobbies?
Training Mixed Martial Arts, learning about fitness and nutrition, and how to become a role model to others especially for my daughters.
Hanging out with my family, entertaining my kids, reading, cooking, drinking really good coffee with mct oil from #Onnit and grass fed butter with friends, listening to podcast, and playing with my dog.

8. How has BJJ changed your life?
Changed everything. Changed the person I am 180 degrees from what people knew me before. Taught me inner confidence, humility, inner peace, perseverance, self belief, and the most significantly holding onto and handling relationships from the good and the bad. They both go hand in hand.

9. Any advice to the new white belts that recently started BJJ?
Take your time it’s no rush, it’s not about the belts or the medals. It’s about what BJJ can do for you as a person and how you can pay it forward. And drill.

10. What do you like most and least about BJJ?
I like the art itself and how it’s never ending in techniques especially with or without the gi. I like how it’s effective in a self defense situation and the people who train are really cool too. I also like how you can train, learn, and make friends with actual world champions and legends of the sport/art unlike other professional sports. I can fly to New York put on a gi and roll with Marcelo Garcia but I can’t play football with Collin Kaepernick lol.

11. Do you train any other martial arts or exercise other than BJJ?
I do MMA pretty much that’s the majority of my training along with strength and conditioning. So I do boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, MMA and I just started doing bikram yoga which I never thought I’d enjoy.

11. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview?
Come check out my upcoming fight if it’s not too late June 27th gladiator challenge at Thunder Valley Casino.
Shout out to PFMMA the gym I train at now. Shout out to team silva BJJ, FTCC, and Maesh Striking Arts if it wasn’t for those gyms I’d wouldn’t be the martial artist I am today. Even though I don’t train there as often they were still part of the process. I would also like to thank my coaches Tyson Griffin, Igor Estralla and my sponsors Fuzion Intl, Empire Management, Halfbreed Clothing Co.

Jiu-Jitsu Spotlight is to allow one’s personal opinions, advices and journey into their Jiu Jitsu training and lifestyle.
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