Jiu Jitsu Spotlight by KNOXX with Dennis de Guzman

1. How did you get started in BJJ?
I started because my buddy told me that it was the next thing!

2. What is your current rank and who gave it to you? Where do you currently train at now?
Blue belt 1 stripe. Eduardo Rocha Black belt under Royler Gracie
I train at Round 5 in San Leandro and Rocha Jiu Jitsu in Oakland CA

3.Is there a person you would like to roll with if you were given the opportunity?
BJ Penn

4.What do you do for a living? Work? School?
I work hardware/software by day and run my gym, Round 5 Fitness by night

5. What do you enjoy doing other than BJJ? Hobbies?
Outdoor activities from running, boating, biking, camping!

6. How has BJJ changed your life?
I’ve realized that with Jiu Jitsu, that no matter how many times you have tapped, you are always learning! Just like in life, even when you lose, you’re actually learning to be better

7. Any advice to the new white belts that recently started BJJ?
Stay consistent!

8.What do you like most and least about BJJ?
I love the training! Nothing exposes you to your weaknesses more than Jiu Jitsu

Worst part- the egos and politics from higher belts and other gyms

9. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview?
Try Jiu Jitsu for a minimum of 6 months before quitting, it’ll open your eyes to endless possibilities. It’ll suck for the first several months but stick with it and you’ll love it!

Jiu-Jitsu Spotlight is to allow one’s personal opinions, advices and journey into their Jiu Jitsu training and lifestyle.
If you train Jiu-Jitsu, and would like to be featured on our website and share your love and passion for BJJ, please email to info@knoxxfit.com. All belt ranking are accepted as long as you love BJJ and you feel that it as impacted your life for the positive in any way. Osss!

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