Jiu Jitsu Spotlight by KNOXX with Lisa Marie

1. How did you get started in BJJ?
I got started in BJJ when a friend suggested I try it one day

2.What is your current rank and who gave it to you? Where do you currently train at now?
I’m a white belt and I train under Leandro Vieira/Checkmat and I currently train at AKA gym.

3. Is there a person you would like to roll with if you were given the opportunity?
I trained with Cris Cyborg in stand up….would love to roll with her. She is my idol!

4. Do you compete in BJJ?

5.How did you do in all your tournaments? Accomplishments?
I’ve done 2 tournaments and gotten medals in both. Bronze and Silver. My main accomplishment was lasting the whole 5 minutes and winning by points.

6. What do you do for a living? Work? School?
I own my own pole studio, dance, model, am working on a book about being an entertainer from an entertainer’s point of view as I retire this year, ring girl and train BJJ. I graduated from SJSU with a BS in Kinesiology.

7. What do you enjoy doing other than BJJ? Hobbies?
I enjoy everything from skydiving to couch potatoing up for the night.

8. How has BJJ changed your life?
It changed my life because all I did before I started training BJJ was party it up all the time, bars, clubs and random trips to Vegas. I had no drive and wasn’t being challenged in my life until I stepped onto those mats and learned what I was made of!

9. Any advice to the new white belts that recently started BJJ?
Yes, take your time and learn what is being taught to you. I know it exciting and you just want to smash people and submit them. But it’s like chess and it takes years to master. Check your ego at the door and become a sponge!

10.What do you like most and least about BJJ?
There is nothing I dislike about it. And I love everything about it. The discipline, courage and patience you learn from hours on the mats are cheaper and more mind opening than any other therapy I’ve found!

11.Do you train any other martial arts or exercise other than BJJ?
I enjoy boxing, kickboxing, TKD and Muay Thai.

12. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview?
Nothing other than if you really want to test yourself and see what you’re made of….this is the sport for you. I can’t explain how much I am grateful for being introduced to BJJ and life lasting effect it will have on me. I will be a black belt and train till I can’t no more! Ooossssss!

Jiu-Jitsu Spotlight is to allow one’s personal opinions, advices and journey into their Jiu Jitsu training and lifestyle.
If you train Jiu-Jitsu, and would like to be featured on our website and share your love and passion for BJJ, please email to info@knoxxfit.com. All belt ranking are accepted as long as you love BJJ and you feel that it as impacted your life for the positive in any way. Osss!
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