Jiu Jitsu Spotlight with Nick Borbon

1.How did you get started in BJJ?
A coworker brought me over to his house and showed me a few techniques and then joined the same gym as him.

2. What is your current rank and who gave it to you? Where do you currently train at now?
I am currently a Purple belt under Alan “Gumby” Marques. I am currently training Heroes martial Arts in San Jose.

3.Is there a person you would like to roll with if you were given the opportunity?
It would have to be Fernando Terere or Kron Gracie.

4.Do you compete in BJJ?
Yes I do compete.

5.How did you do in all your tournaments? Accomplishments?
I’ve competed a lot. I win some and I lose some, but I continue to strive forward. As for accomplishments I would say winning Abu Dhabi trials division or US open.

6. What do you do for a living? Work? School?
I work full time as a meat cutter.

7. What do you enjoy doing other than BJJ? Hobbies?
I enjoy hanging out with good company and drinking quality beer.

8. How has BJJ changed your life?
Jiu jitsu has changed my life tremendously. I am constantly thinking about the future on whether or not it’ll effect my training or not.

9. Any advice to the new white belts that recently started BJJ?
White belts just need to train, you’re going to get wrecked the first couple of months

10. What do you like most and least about BJJ?
I like everything about jiu jitsu.

11. Do you train any other martial arts or exercise other than BJJ?
Just jiu jitsu.

12.Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers of this interview?
Keep training. Some days you’re the nail some days you’re the hammer.

Jiu-Jitsu Spotlight is to allow one’s personal opinions, advices and journey into their Jiu Jitsu training and lifestyle.
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