Top 5 Submissions Used in Street Self Defense

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a highly complex martial art/ combat sport sport. There are some very fancy techniques that are used more in the sport aspect, but in a self defense situation, the basics will save you.
Here are the top 5 most used submissions in a self defense/ street fight scenario. Remember, don’t fight in the street, compete in Jiu-Jitsu. You should only fight back to defend yourself or if you have no other choice.

Triangle Choke
Closed guard is a position that happens often in street fights. Guy takes down the other guy, stays between his legs. Triangles are favored because it keeps the guy on the bottom safe from hits and provides options for transition to omoplata / armbar from triangle . it can prove dangerous if the guy is very strong and can still posture upwards, however even if he does this he can be swept.

Setup for self defence : break the opponent’s posture by pulling with your legs, overhook one of his arms, hip escape towards the overhooked arm, block the other arm with your hand so he won’t be able to hit, put the shin on his biceps then throw the triangle. To be safe from hits you can adjust by going with your hand under and then over his hand and on to his shoulder .
Check out this backstage fight that ended in a triangle choke, with Cristiano Marcello & Charles Bennett:

Arm triangle (Kata gatame)
It tends to happen when the bottom guy defends his head from punches and allows for the opponent’s head to go under his arm. Once locked on, it is deadly as the opponent has very few methods of defending left, none of which include hitting back.

Setup for self defence: While in side control on top, hit your opponent’s face with the elbow . This will make him raise his far arm to defend the head. When he does that, put your head under his arm and drive his arm towards his neck. Next, transition in mount then on the other side , keep your shin anchored to his stomach and push in his direction.

Most people who haven’t ever practiced any form of grappling will leave their hands exposed while being mounted. This is a fatal mistake, which grapplers will often capitalise upon. A reason why it is used is because it keeps the guy doing it safe from the opponent’s punches.

Setup for self defence: Throw punches to the opponent’s head, if he has no idea what to do he will likely raise his hands straight up. When he does that, go in a high mount. Next , just pick up one of his arms while hitting with the other to keep him distracted. Then keep one hand on him to keep your weight on him and transition into the armbar.

Rear naked choke
Probably the highest percentage submission from back control . Back mount tends to happen when the guy on the bottom defends while in side control or mount and he turns away from the attacker in order to stop getting hit. If you lock on the body triangle aswell, the opponent’s chances for escape are minimal.

Setup for self defence: Setting this up while in back control isn’t hard. You just have to keep pressuring the opponent, throw in hits every now and then and try to get your hands under his neck. Make sure to keep yourself on his back as it is the best position you can achieve.

Happens a lot in both MMA and street fights. A lot of people, sometimes even experienced grapplers, will leave their neck exposed while going in for a double leg. Can also happen just as easy from closed guard. It’s very effective because it’s surprising and it ends the fight fast.

Setup for self defence: From closed guard, unlock your legs, get up, threaten with a kimura, when he defends the kimura go for his neck instead, lock the legs back behind him and start strangling him.

Written by Gabriel Necula


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