Kusari Pro Jiu Jitsu Gi now available

The Limited Edition KNOXX “Kusari PRO” Jiu Jitsu Gi is available at exclusively www.Knoxxgear.com @knoxxgear and KNOXX Gym @knoxxgym. They will available in adult and youth sizing in white, blue, black and the special edition grey…KNOXX Athlete: Tracy Pham @phamtasticjj ——–
*Some sizes and colorways may already be sold out.


KNOXX Jiu Jitsu “Kings’ shirt and “Mon” Snapback caps available now

KNOXX Jiu Jitsu “Kings” shirts are now available at www.KNOXXgear.com in three limited colorways. Our new “Mon” Snapback caps are also now available in four colorways.

Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt and Former MMA world champion ,  Josh “The Punk” Thomson is pictured wearing the black “Kings” shirt and back/gray KNOXX “Mon” Snapback cap

*A Mon is a Japanese emblem used to decorate and identify an individual or family. Our KNOXX Mon represents the KNOXX Jiu Jitsu Warriors.

josh thomson knoxx jiu jitsu kings.jpg

knoxx jiu jitsu snapback caps

KNOXX Athlete, Jason Chih @iamjasonchih in the new upcoming KNOXX gi… Coming soon for adults and kids to www.Knoxxgear.com in white, black and blue

jason chih knoxx bjj.jpg

KNOXX Athlete, Jason Chih @iamjasonchih in the new upcoming KNOXX gi… Coming soon for adults and kids to www.Knoxxgear.com in white, black and blue

Restocking soon- KNOXX Youth Rashguards

knoxx kids rashgaurds.jpg

Restocked and available soon with new colorways – Kids Rashguards
Protect your kids….
– www.Knoxxgear.com

A rash guard wicks sweat through its breathable polyester material, helping the sweat evaporate and keeping your body at a cool running temperature.
Wearing a rash guard helps you avoid contracting potentially nasty ailments like ringworms and staph infection from mats. Rash guards also help you avoid rug burn on your elbows and other covered areas as they drag against the mat.