3 Most Important BJJ Techniques That Every Beginner Should Focus On


Being a martial arts enthusiast is easy but in real getting started with BJJ is rather much more challenging thus, appealing. Appealing because it can help to keep you durable both physically and mentally. When I first saw people training BJJ my first thought about it was, “I’m never going to do it.” But, then little did I know that time. So, if you are getting started, other than being physically and mentally prepared be ready to overcome the mistakes by acquiring a good knowledge of BJJ techniques. Here are the three things you should know about to start with:

Guard Replacement With Hip Escape


This side control escape technique is the one you’ll use more than any other side control escape. So, first of all, learn to move your hips to the bottom for all escapes instead of any other technique. This way, you’ll be able to grasp the two most important hip movements, bridging and hip escape for escaping the bottom in BJJ. In addition, if you get skilled at it, you’ll be able to easily learn a lot about guard retention in BJJ too.

The common mistake that’s made here is trying to bench press the opponent off you than using the arm to create frames. Are you doing the same because at once I used to do that too.

Scissor Sweep

This technique is one of the most basic one which further teaches all the elements that are used in all other ground sweeps. Breaking the opponent’s balance, moving the hip to create an angle, controlling grips, and using the power of the legs instead of the upper body are a few to name. Therefore, it combines very well with various other techniques in combination attacks.

The most common mistake committed in this technique is that most of the beginners fail to execute a sharp pull to off balance the opponent before attempting to secure the legs. Do work on it.

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Triangle Choke From Guard

As you might already be aware of the fact that the triangle choke is one of the signature submissions in BJJ. It basically teaches how to use the legs to attack and choke the opponent, especially when the other is larger, stronger, and a superior wrestler who cannot be reversed in order to obtain the top position. Therefore, it is put into play from the moment you begin to train to all the way up to the highest levels of MMA and international competitions.

The most common mistake one can commit here is attacking the triangles when the opponent has a stronger posture. Since against the triangles, posture is considered as the best defense if you still choose to attack, keep in your mind, your success rate will be very low.

So, keep learning from your mistakes. New techniques cannot be mastered in a short while, it requires a lot of patience and practice. In addition, assume the best of everyone. Assume you know less than anyone. Don’t lose your focus and keep fighting. Trust me, unlike anything else you would never want to stop learning other than to wipe off the sweat or take a shower with a soap for BJJ fighter only. So, welcome aboard fellas!


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